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A Valentine’s Day Writing Contest

It’s time for another writing contest.

Love is in the air, but this Valentine’s Day so are a few grumpy feelings. At least, that’s how things are over at Susanna Leonard Hill’s first annual Valentiny writing contest.

The rules are simple: 214 words or less, and a grumpy character.

Here is my entry:



  1.   Cupid won his job as Valentine’s Day matchmaker in an archery competition.
  2.   In second place was Milton, Cupid’s best friend.
  3.   The gentle hearted Cupid was uneasy about shooting people.
  4.   When Cupid’s first Valentine’s Day came around, he shot NO arrows, causing NO people to fall in love.
  5.   On Cupid’s second Valentine’s Day, he was told, “Make people fall in love this year or you’ll be fired.”
  6.   Milton heard this and announced, “Cupid only got the job by cheating, anyway.”
  7.   Cupid’s eyes narrowed and his cheeks went red and steam rose from his ears.
  8.   Cupid transformed into an arrow shooting maniac.
  9.   Cupid launched thousands of arrows at Milton, who narrowly escaped each time.
  10. Those stray arrows struck thousands of people.
  11. All of those people fell in love.
  12. It was the most successful Valentine’s Day ever!
  13. Milton confessed, “Cupid didn’t cheat. I only said that to make him grumpy.”
  14. Cupid forgave Milton, but still had a little bit of grump left to get rid of.
  15. Cupid blasted one last arrow into Milton’s rear end.
  16. Milton’s eyes twinkled and fell upon a nearby bush.
  17. Cupid and Milton (and the bush) became best friends once again.


There are already quite a few entries, so head on over and start reading! You’re bound to have a really great time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!