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Happy Halloween

It’s time for another Susanna Leonard Hill Halloween writing contest. This years criteria, are 1) 100 words or less, and 2) must include the words spider, moon, and ghost in some form.

I’m always up for a challenge, so here goes –



By David McMullin


Halloween is the night for ghosts to rise and seek out those who have wronged them.


Edgar had wronged many.


He had a plan – a walnut shell on his back, leaves for wings, twigs for antennae – a beetle costume. Beetles never wronged anyone.

As clouds engulfed the moon, the world dropped into darkness. The ghosts of hundreds of flies rose from their tiny graveyards.


They all turned towards Edgar.

How did they know? He looked down at his costume.

Too many legs! Eight, long, spidery legs – not very beetle-like.

Edgar tried to escape, but …