Holiday Contest (Part 3)

Am I being completely ridiculous? Feel free to tell me if I am – but I’m doing this anyway. Here is yet another entry into Susanna Hill’s holiday writing contest.

I was struck by the holiday spirit, and couldn’t stop writing. I promise, this is my last one.



Twelve little daisies found a big stack of springtime books.

Eleven about lady bugs,

Ten about April showers,

Nine about baby chicks,

Eight about spring cleaning,

Seven about playful lambs,

Six about bicycle rides,

Five about butterflies,

Four about bird chirps,

Three about fresh air,

Two about picnics,

and one about Christmas. Christmas?!

The daisies were amazed.

They gathered around the Christmas book, pouring over each page.

Elves? Pine cones? Reindeer? Sleds? They had no idea such things existed!

A daisy’s life is all about spring – new growth, bunnies, Easter eggs – that kind of stuff.

But hot chocolate?! Honestly, who could resist?

Not these twelve daisies, so they headed off to explore an exciting new world.

First they came to summer.

They discovered sand and waves, beach balls, barbecues, and fireworks.

But it was so hot, they all developed a bad case of the wilts.

Next was autumn.

Autumn revealed costumes and candy, jack-o-lanterns, and turkey with stuffing.

But the chilly winds took their toll. They arrived at winter, broken and blotched.

Knowing they were close, The little daisies trudged on through the snow shedding petals with each step.

By the time they reached Christmas they were nothing but twelve brown sticks.

The inhabitants of Christmas were surprised. They had heard of daisies, but pictured something a bit more … healthy, but Santa new better.

“For your bravery and curiosity,” said Santa, “I give you a bit of Christmas magic.”

And with a touch of his nose, the daisies transformed back into their springtime glory.

The Christmas folk were merry hosts, and in return, the little daisies shared their fresh, bright enthusiasm, making it the springiest Christmas ever.

Thanks for reading, and a very springy holiday season to you all!

14 thoughts on “Holiday Contest (Part 3)

  1. I LOVE your enthusiasm, David…Susanna’s contests are definitely addictive…I think I ‘ve entered every single one for the past 6 years. 🙂 Love that the daisies had an adventurous spirit and were rewarded. 😉

  2. David, this one is just as clever as the others. Thinking of a springy Christmas made me smile. I’m glad Santa was able to bring the daisies back to life! (I could see this as a holiday children’s book) ….

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