Valentiny Steve

The Third Annual Valentiny Writing Contest on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog is here! There are a bunch of rules, but you can head over to her blog to read all about that.

This years theme is hope. Such a lovely theme.


STEVE by David McMullin

When Willy-Gunter-Joaquin-Steve-Gumball, the five headed troll, met Nellie-Hortence-Lana-Jellybean, the four headed Ogress, it was love at first sight, sight, sight, sight. Valentine’s Day would be a day to celebrate.

Okay, I know you’re all good at math and have already noticed the problem. After all the heads paired up, Steve, the second troll head from the left, had no Valentine of his own.

His brothers threw a big Valentine’s Day party so he too, could find the head of his dreams.

Steve knew deep down in his one-fifth-of-a-loving-heart, that he would.

The party was lovely, but no one was quite right.

“Banshee’s got a good head on her shoulders.”

But Steve said, “Too noisy.”

Cyclops? “Too gaze-y.”

Medusa? “Too snake-y.”

And Hobgoblin? “Too… bleeeech!”

“Maybe next year,” said his brothers.

“Wait.” Steve knew, all the way down to the two toes he called his own, that tonight was the night.

That’s when she arrived, riding in on a wild, black horse.

“She’s the one,” said Steve.

“But her head…” said the brothers.

“She’s perfect.”

Steve walked over. “Will you be my Valentine?”

She spoke not a word, but instead touched his cheek. This was the headless horsewoman’s way of saying, “I will.”


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34 thoughts on “Valentiny Steve

  1. Hey David,

    Very imaginative entry. I can envision Steve saying to the headless horsewoman, “You complete me.” Good luck in the contest.


  2. This is hilarious David! Such a unique idea to have multiple-headed protagonists and the ending was just great, lol, love it!

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