Another Valentine’s Day Contests

It seems like just yesterday that I was adding my entry to the inaugural Susanna Hill Valentiny Writing Contest. Here we are at year two (The Second Annual Valentiny Writing Contest). Hurray, it’s becoming a thing!

I will admit that I wasn’t planning to enter this time around. I am currently attending the SCBWI winter conference in New York City, and I wanted to spend my time preparing for and putting my energies into making sure I had a productive experience.

But who was I kidding? As soon as I read the rules –  “Write a Valentines story appropriate for children (children here defined as ages 12 and under) maximum 214 words in which someone is confused.”  – I was trapped. While I was not paying attention, my brain, behind my back, came up with this.



“Look,” said Manny Mooney. “I found a valentine on Penny Pepper’s desk. It says, ‘For my marvelous Manny. You do the funniest things!’”

“It must be for me,” said Manny Mackey. “I mimic messy monkeys.”

“Or, it could be for me,” said Manny Meany. “I march through muddy muck.”

“No, it’s for me,” said Manny Murphy. “I make myself milkshake mustaches.”

“You forget about me,” said Manny Mitty. “I moo to mixed-up music.”

“And what about me,” said Manny Moony. “I mumble with a mouthful of mini-marshmallows.”

All five Mannys held onto the valentine and performed their funny feats.

Penny Pepper pranced in and was perfectly perplexed.

“What are you doing with my valentine?” she asked.

All of the Mannys answered at once, “I’m proving this valentine was meant for me.”

“Oh,” said Penny Pepper, “this valentine is not for Manny Mackey, Manny Meany, Manny Murphy, Manny Mitty, OR Manny Mooney.”

“But there are no more Mannys,” said the many Mannys.

“If you look closer,” said Penny Pepper, “this valentine says, ‘For my marvelous Mommy.’ I’m bringing this one home.”


Thanks for reading, and go to Susanna’s Blog to read all of the other wonderful entries.

42 thoughts on “Another Valentine’s Day Contests

  1. HA! Clever…and I bet those funny feats would all make for great illustrations that would make kids giggle!! Have a wonderful time at the conference!

  2. Very clever! I love all the alliterations and the surprise at the end. Good luck with your entry and at the conference!

    1. On my floor in the dorms, there were eight Davids. Three of us in one room! It’s all about the nicknames. Thanks, Greg.

  3. Gosh, David! That Penny Pepper must be something to get all those Mannys so wound up and hopeful! 🙂 Love all the alliteration and the crazy stuff they do – mumbling with mini-marshmallows 🙂 – and love that all the confusion was caused by misreading “mommy”! Tons of fun! Thanks so much for finding time for Valentiny! Hope the conference was great!!!

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